The Music of Jim & Shirley Tubbs

That someone will hear a harmony that goes far beyond our singing

A note from Jim and Shirley on our girls

From 1984 through 1997, we traveled the country with our three daughters. They performed with us in 46 states and over 2000 concerts. It requires little effort to still picture them standing on chairs as they sang with us. Few people know how many traditional adolescent activities they voluntarily sacrificed to participate with us as they grew older. There is always a concern when we as parents choose a path less frequented. As children they were always excited about traveling and performing, but we privately wondered what their reaction would be in 15 years. As they reached high school age we amended our schedule to allow them to have ample classroom experience before college. Their high school graciously worked with us as we made this transition. In 1997, Evie left for college; then Marcie in 2001; and finally Jamie in 2003. They all graduated college with academic honors. As adults, they look back on our days of travel as "irreplaceable," and we are so thankful. They have now begun their own lives, and their individual interests are varied and distinct. 

Evie now resides with her husband Bob outside of Santa Barbara, California, where she owns her own business marketing in the Arabian horse industry, a lifelong love of hers.  Evie is active in her church singing in the worship band. A gifted, heartfelt speaker, she recently spoke at the National Day of Prayer Breakfast for Santa Ynez Valley. We are so grateful that her relationship with the Lord has never waned. We miss her, but feel fortunate to live in an age of instant communications. Please pray for Evie, Bob, and their boy Henry. 

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Marcie and Trevor.jpg

Married in September 2014 on a Rockies mountaintop, Marcie and her husband Trevor live in Denver, Colorado.  Marcie has a heart for children and completed a Masters degree in Child and Family Therapy in 2012. She works as a therapist and credits the years of nannying while in school to prepare her well for their now-family of four. She and Trevor enjoy co-leading a small group with their church and getting outdoors to enjoy the mountains with their two girls, Grace and Nora, and two dogs. Pray for her as she seeks the Lord's will for their family. 


There is a theory in psychology that predicts children's personalities based on birth order. It suggests that parents subconsciously nudge the oldest child toward perfectionism, while the youngest is often allowed a lesser standard (perhaps out of parental exhaustion!). Jamie decided early on that we as parents need not worry. She has maintained a written schedule since she could barely write. She has the gift of both "left and right brain" and can perform higher math as proficiently as creative writing.  In 2015 Jamie found a fellow midwesterner and the following year, they got married. She and Josh are settling into married life with ease and they can't wait to see what God has in store next. Please pray for their marriage.